Top 10 IT Solutions that we use

Top 10 IT Solutions that we use

Nowadays, there are many companies and homes which need to use IT solutions for their lives. As a result, many of us depend on IT companies to give us additional IT support for your lives.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of different companies like Protech that offer a wide range of IT solutions in Melbourne that will give you the best for your homes and offices.
Most of us, are extremely tech-savvy especially since we like in an age of technology.

That’s why it is no brainer, that we use technology on a daily basis. Here is a list of a different number of IT-based solutions and their use for it in our lives.



  1. AntivirusAntivirus
    How many of us own laptops, computers or desktops? Well, then am sure all of you may have to install an antivirus to your device to help it function and not bring in the outside virus to your computers. Devices like pen drives, floppy disks and CDs can carry a virus to your PC. By using an antivirus, you can help reduce the risk of your PC being open to these viruses. As a matter of fact, so an antivirus also helps protect your computer’s firewall.
  2. Local Area Network (LAN)
    We live in a day and age, where technology has a great part in our personal and professional lives. As a matter of fact, it even helps us to work remotely and be in touch with our family and friends. LAN is a bunch of cables, access points that connect to switches and routers which allow the computer to connect to our web servers. This actually uses an Ethernet switch which the router uses to connect to the many devices we use at home or in a small office. It helps you to connect all your devices to one router.
  3. Wide Area Network (WAN)
    So in a basic sense, the WAN is the opposite of what a LAN does that it supports our devices as an internet connection that bridges a connection between a device and the servers in a more outer and wider reach area.WANs can be also accessed by using it publicly, see there are different ways that you can get internet and connection to your computers from different places.
  4. Cloud BackupCloud backup
    Well, this actually a no brainer – every single one of uses some sort of cloud backup to store our data. This is a way on which people and even companies depend on using to save the very confidential documents and personal files by sending them to the cloud server where they can later be retrieved when they need it.
  5. Managed IT Services
    Managed IT services generally mean that small business gives their websites and all IT related needs to expert third party companies which can help them to operate and access their websites and all IT related support that they need. So, managed IT services are mainly provided by the IT company that you use. Some of the companies that do these services are Protech and Protecq one and the same.
  6. Software support
    This is one of the everyday things we use on a day-to-day basis. How many of us actually use word documents? Excel spreadsheets and even if it is for your vlogging channel? The software has become a big aspect to do our daily work. Now, there are software experts who can help get you sorted with everything you need for your PC.
  7. Repairing your computer
    How many times a year do you repair your PC? Do you give for maintenance? Well, then… you must make sure that you do because, your PC may need internal repairs and when you speak about IT Solutions, you must make sure that your laptop and PC are well taken care of or else it may crash.
  8. Data storage
    Storing data is probably essential to bigger companies, and still when you are a start-up company or even small business – finding a place to keep all that data can be hard. That is why IT companies offer solutions like data storage where they will help you to store your data in a server for easy retrieval purposes. So, next time when you want to full up a draft of a document and can’t find it you can call up your IT company and ask for it later.
  9. Top 10 IT Solutions that we useVoIP services
    Voice over internet protocol. These phone services are about contacting your clients through the internet rather than using a landline. The VoIP system works by taking analogue signals and switching them to digital signals, in turn, sending them as data over a broadband line. There are a lot of companies which tend to use VoIP lines especially when they deal with clients from other countries. It acts much like a satellite phone and can be downloaded onto your laptop or phone.
  10. Technical support
    Technical support is probably one of the easiest ways to help out your business. This acts as a sort of desk help which will keep in touch with the team in case you need assistance in terms of all your IT solutions. If you encounter any technical related problem, you can speak to tech support who will provide you with how to fix or even troubleshoot your activity on the PC. Nowadays, we all depend on technology – whether we are working from home, or even for the house. All of us must make sure that we get the best for our lives. There are plenty of different IT companies which can help you with getting the best for your needs.
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